Mental Illness is NOT a joke

It’s not okay to joke about mental illness.

It doesn’t matter that you were just being funny, it doesn’t matter that you weren’t trying to harm anyone.

The act itself of making a joke about a mental illness is already doing a ridiculous amount of harm. As soon as we start joking about mental illness, we start nurturing the lie that mental illness is something trivial. When we start believing that it’s not a big deal, we start waving away our friends when they tell us they have ‘depression’. We start telling them that they’re just lying for attention. We start telling teens with depression that they should ‘get over it’. We start telling suicidal adults that they should ‘think about other people’.

And all of a sudden, our loved one is gone. Read More »



Happy Wednesday!

Most of us spend our lives trying to be successful or make other people happy, but we often overlook one of the most important things in life. Taking care of yourself.

Self care is so important, and that cannot be stressed enough. Too often it is given a bad rap as being selfish and narcissistic. We should all strive to make other people’s lives better, but we can only do that if we are at a healthy and wholesome place ourselves. It’s even more important now, when mental illnesses are raging rampant on our society.

The very idea of self-care can be overwhelming in its own right however. What does it mean? How can I take care of myself? There’s so much you can do to take care of yourself, but sometimes it’s hard to start.

So right now I’m challenging you to do something.

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And I have writer’s block…[Ranting]

So yeah…

I haven’t posted since what, May 24th?

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Not exactly what I had in mind.

 flip, sleep, bed, cool, fail GIF

BUT I want to let you know that I have like 38 drafts right now of things I have started writing but not finished. I legit have had this one post stuck in my head to do for this week and the week before, but when I tried to write it….it sucked.

So here I am, on Thursday, rambling about nothing. Funny animal gifs - part 244 (10 gifs)

But it’s really because its so hard to produce something consistently when creativity is such a totally INCONSISTENT thing. For someone to put a deadline on artistry is basically crushing an artists wings.

At the same time, who’s going to be interested in a blogger when you have no idea when they’ll ever post?? Probably not me. Consistency is attracting to the audience because then they can work it into their schedule with predictability.

Which basically just means blogging is crazy hard. But on the plus side, it’s SUMMER! And I am listening to Owl City.

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And really, to be honest. I’m just happy to be alive right now. Because this world has had enough of negativity and sadness. I’m glad that even though the world has problems, there are really cool things going on right now. Like INCREDIBLE 2 ya’ll!

So I know this post has been almost pointless because I have writer’s block, but really I just wanted to sit down and write something and promise that I’m working on more exciting things soon. And please give me some suggestions of what you like to see on this blog. Book reviews? Movie reviews? Writing stuff? Poetry?

Wish on,


4 Reasons Why I Hate Love Triangles


I’ve mentioned before about how I detest love triangles, and I wanted to sort of explain why. It’s not that I necessarily hate all love triangles, I just dislike a lot of them because of certain things in the way they are and how they pan out in stories.

This is going to probably sound like me ranting for a while, but there is actually some reason behind this too. I want to talk about why I hate them so people can take a deeper look at what can happen when a love triangle occurs and why some of it is negative. Since love triangles are confusing I’m going to label the people in the love triangles so I can talk about it and you hopefully won’t get lost. Person A is going to be the person who loves two people, and those people will be called Person B and Person C.Read More »

POETRY IS AWESOME #bloggingbit


I’m back already for a short post that I am going to call a #bloggingbit (catchy and cool amiright?)

I just have to gush about how awesome poetry is as National Poetry Month comes to a close! Last night I had my poetry appreciation night with a couple of my friends, and even though it turned out to be a small group (because sadly I don’t know hardly any poets irl) it was SUPER FUN.

I am so pumped about poetry and have been going out of National Poetry Month with a bang by writing snippets of poetry a lot. I have been reading some more poetry and looking up poetry online too.

My current favorite poet right now is Erin Hanson. Look her up! She is amazing. Some of my favorites of hers are Rainstorm and Brown. I love her whole style of writing, it is so beautiful and emotion infused.

Before National Poetry Month ends I encourage you all to go read her poems, you will not be the same!

Wish on,